Xspectrum Design & Services

Praveen Sharma, Pravco Inc.

Pravco Inc

Xspectrum has enabled Pravco to focus on what we do, build. The Xspectrum staff has allowed our engineers to develop relationships with our customer...resulting in a better product and a more satisfied client. They took the time necessary to understand our unique business flow and recommended new tools to make us more efficient

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Dr. Tasharafi, MD

Medical Office Tablet

Xspectrum developed a secure wireless networking environment for my offices and have seamlessly integrated our existing software.

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Dr. Baubles, CSA, Mountainside

Mountainside School District

The Xspectrum staff have provided a new delivery mechanism for the infusion of instructional technology support in the public education school system.

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Project Managment

The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast to business operations, which are repetitive or permanent. Xspectrum can provide the discreet skills necessary for select phases of an organizations project ...

Network Design

Xspectrum network engineers ensure an organization's needs, growth, and seemless integration.

Each layer of the organizations network is carefully integrated ensuring the utmost security.

System Design

Xspectrum system design principals are the heart of our business and result in your business success.

Software Integration

Xspectrum software design team can create an integrated framework from a clients collection of technologies and services to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise. ...

NA Support Center

Xspectrum North American headquarters is located in the New York City Metropolitan area.

EU Support Center

Xspectrum European Union support team is located in Dublin, Ireland.