Educational Technology


Xspectrum serves public and private P-12 and Higher Education institutions in delivering instructional centers rich with technology resources.

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Xspectrum is a leader in delivering streamline workflow software and hardware solutions for the construction industry...

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Healthcare Solutions


Xspectrum Healthcare Solutions have proven to enable medical centers to remain current in the usage of modern technologies...

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Xspectrum's success is evident in the result driven goals established through ongoing collaboration with our clients...

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Technology Solutions Company

Xspectrum Technology Solutions

Xspectrum has provided technological solutions for over fifteen years in the private and public sectors. Specializing in the area of education, construction, and healthcare. Xspectrum provides our clients with a cost effective solution to ensuring they remain competative and successful even as available rapidly developing technologies change.

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Project Managment

The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast to business operations, which are repetitive or permanent. Xspectrum can provide the discreet skills necessary for select phases of an organizations project ...

Network Design

Xspectrum network engineers ensure an organization's needs, growth, and seemless integration.

Each layer of the organizations network is carefully integrated ensuring the utmost security.

System Design

Xspectrum system design principals are the heart of our business and result in your business success.

Software Integration

Xspectrum software design team can create an integrated framework from a clients collection of technologies and services to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise. ...

NA Support Center

Xspectrum North American headquarters is located in the New York City Metropolitan area.

EU Support Center

Xspectrum European Union support team is located in Dublin, Ireland.